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 Clove oil

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PostSubject: Clove oil   Clove oil Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 11:38 am

Clove oil is a natural product ideally suited to Anesthise Koi and it is fairly cheap and available from most pharmacies.

The active ingredient is Eugenol


1 Add pond water to a bucket big enough to cover the gills of your koi and aerate the water.

2 Calculate the amount of water in the bucket.

3 Add 2 drops of clove oil per 1 liter of water in the bucket. (0.5 ml / liter) Because oil and water does not mix well, I first mix it with some of the bucket water by putting it in a small container which I then shake well before adding it to the bucket. An empty cool drink bottle works well. This also prevents you from accidentally releasing to much oil into the bucket.

4 Add the fish to the container and cover it for with a wet towel to prevent it from jumping out.

5 The fish should start to roll over a bit after 3 - 7 minutes. If not, add a bit more clove oil. The bigger the fish, the more required, and different batches of clove oil has different strengths. Gill movement will become slower, but should not stop. When adequately sedated, you should be able to lift it with support in the center and the tail should not flex much.

6 Now you can take out the fish and put it onto the wet towel for treatment. Hold the fish down with the same or another wet towel as it might jump.

7 Work as fast as possible and get it into the pond(supported) or another aerated bucket with clean water as soon as possible. It should recover within a few minutes.

8 If you only need to do a scraping, an half dosage can be used, although you don't even have to sedate the koi if you have experience in doing a scraping.


Add 20-25 drops/liter of Clove oil to the bucket
It will send the fish into a peaceful deep sleep, from which it will not regain consciousness and will pass away painlessly.

Paul Viljoen
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Koi are not my whole life but make my life whole
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Clove oil

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