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 Looking for contributors ...

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PostSubject: Looking for contributors ...   Looking for contributors ... Icon_minitimeTue Jun 24, 2008 10:38 pm


We are in the process of launching a new site that is aimed at linking Africans together. Obviously I am not trying to smuggle members away but I am looking for some people that are willing to help establish a African site with information for travelers through our continent.

Many of us here travel to our neighbouring countries and experience plenty and then we post it here. Truth remains that this site is dedicated to the Koi lovers only. What I am trying to do is to set a general African knowledge base up where the fisherman, photographers, hunters, hikers etc. can get and share information. So it is obvious that information from here will be duplicated but that is something that is already happening.

SO please think about it and help ... and if you have contacts with people in other countries please point them there. ... Registreer en pos so bietjie a storie en fotos en miskien die GPS verwysing onder Places to Stay en Places to Eat.

Ek probeer om regtig mense van dwarsoor Africa in te trek om te pos Smile ... gaan nogal a helse taak wees maar ek is ou met geduld. Wink

EK sal graag soveel as moontlik snippets en fotos van Namibia wil sien.

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Looking for contributors ...

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