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Chris Neaves

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PostSubject: Crickets   Crickets Icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 6:13 pm


Was at the factory that produces Shogun this morning.

I saw a strangely shaped pellet - the size was about a little finger in length and depth but flat sides and flat top.

I was interested what this feed was for - would you believe it - it was cricket food.

They make 4 tons a month - yes thatís right 4 tons and thatís 40,000 kilograms a month of cricket food.

Itís unbelievable -

Then I chatted to a guy this evening who now breeds his own crickets for his sons Iguana. It used to cost him R70,00 per month to buy crickets for the lizard. And he tells me that the South Africa cricket breeders cannot breed enough to satisfy the SA market. So a large number of crickets are imported from France.

You learn something new every day in the koi industry .... Shocked

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