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David Coetzee

David Coetzee

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PostSubject: Show Time   Show Time Icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 8:05 pm

With the SAKKS 2010 National Show at Cresta looming on 14th,15th,16th May 2010, i thought it might be a good idea to say a few things about prepping for a show.

All info is from the book Koi By Ronnie Watt and Servaas de Kock. Some items from my own limited experience are added in red.

One month before hand.
- Identify potential show fish
- Exclude fish with scars and fresh injuries
- Move to a quarintine pond/separate pond with clear water, so you can observe the fish closely daily.
- Start Feeding them wheatgerm food with cautious addition of colour enhancers - I disagree with this and continue to feed Sakura , which has 1% spirulina anyway. At this stage i replace my evening feed with my seafood mix 4 weeks before show and lasts for two weeks
- Treat for parasites.

One week before hand.

- Cease all feeding - I stop feeding 2 weeks, 14 days before, as i was advised to when consulting a few of the old seasoned show pro's
- Confirm dates and times and procedures for benching.
- Learn show regulations and requirements.
- Arrange for helpers to assist with netting, bagging, transport and benching. BIG NB, NB. I sukkled my gat af at the baby show, i did it all on my own affraid
- Make sure you have enough bags and cable ties cable ties work a 1000 times better than elastic bands

Day before.
- Check condition of entries and make final selection.
confirm helper, pack a tool box, those plastic big jim things are cool.
I include a pen, note pad, my test kits, spare cable ties all sorts of first aid bits and bobs, cetrimide, gauze swaps earbuds etc. Camera, spare batteries

Show entry day.
- net and bag fish. as early as possible.
- confirm the day before the best time to arrive to avoid too long a wait to bench.

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David Coetzee

David Coetzee

Posts : 248
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2009-03-31
Age : 50
Location : Randburg

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PostSubject: Re: Show Time   Show Time Icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 8:11 pm

Show checklist.

I use a big Jim toolbox to hold most of my stuff.

- Plastic bags, you can get 500micron bags from westpac or some otherplastic shop.
- elastic bands, i use cable ties
- Portable oxygen cylinder, i dont travel far and inflate my bags from my airpump.
- Crates, etc or thick blankets to secure the bags in your vehicle.
- Ice blocks, cooler box blocks if necessary to keep the temp down in the vehicle.
- Medication to treat the bag water.
- i also pack a basic first aid kit and my FW test kit.

For yourself.

- a set of dry clothes
- Rubber boots
- Raincoat and umbrella
- Sunblock and hat
- Camera
- Refreshments
- Money.

These are the basics and if you sit down and make a list then you could identify a few things that for you would make things easier.

See you all at cresta.
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