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PostSubject: General history   General history Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2007 1:01 pm

Nishikigoi ........ is the Japanese name for koi, which translated means 'BROCADED' carp, and were developed by the Japanese 200 years ago. It is believed that koi orginated in Persia and spread throughout the ancient world long long ago. Koi were first found described in a chinese book that was written during the Western Chin Dynasty, 265-316 AD, where they were described as red, white, blue and black.
It was mainly the emperors that owned Koi and later became a status symbol to own Koi.

In Japan koi breeding is recorded as early as the 17th century, where they were orginally bred for protein supplements.
They are often referred to as being the 'living jewels' because of their beauty, gracefullness and colour.
It is still not sure what happened to koi between the 2nd and 17th century, but many suspect that koi were gradually spread around the orient, and possibly to the middle east.
Koi are a variety of the common carp (cyprinas carpio). Their fossels have been discovered in South China dating back approximately 20million years ago. It is been said that some varieties which are known for their hardiness, can live for long periods of time, simply wrapped in wet moss and kept damp.
Koi fish are a great hobby to have, and are consisdered a great stress reliever. Koi are very intelligent and can be taught to eat out of your hand, and are sometimes referred to 'pigs' of the fresh water, as they will eat just about anything you throw at them.
Koi can also hear quite well and will respond to voices especially the voices of their owners. It is said that most fish can hear up to about 1000hertz while koi can hear 3 times higher which very often goes along with intelligence of creatures.
Koi appreciate in value rapidly as they grow. When they are still small, the die more easily and to grow a Koi to a size of 70 cm is a costly exercise. The are often measured and priced according to their size, then colour, pattern and body shape and the presence/elegance plays a role.
Koi first took hold in South Africa in the 70's where there were attempts both formally and informally to breed these beautiful creatures, which at first were rather mediocre, due to lack of experience, the picture however has since changed and South Africa now stands in the same shoes of those of Japan, Korea and Malaysia, due to the dedication and perserverance of our own highly acclaimed koi keepers and breeders
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General history

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