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 Sick Koi - Help please Somerset West

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PostSubject: Sick Koi - Help please Somerset West   Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:28 pm

Good day

We bought a house and inherted 4 beautiful big koi, everything was going well for 6 months, we bought 4 new koi from a reputable breeder and things continued along fine for about a month. Then one of our large original koi died, might be from old age it was around 17 years old pale Then this morning about 1 and half months after the first one died another one of our big ones has died. A few of the fish are doing dolfin jumps in the pool (flashing if I am correct) They seem rather lethergic and hang around the top of the pool not swimming much. We have made no changes to the water in ages besides adding some salt a few months ago which was suggested.

Is there anyone in the Somerset West area that can perhaps come have a look, we love our fish so much Crying or Very sad

If you could please provide me with a contact or a number it would be much appreciated

Thank you

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PostSubject: Re: Sick Koi - Help please Somerset West   Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:35 pm

I am very far, so I can not come, but for what it is worth will try to give some advise.
Flushing can be a symptom of parasites, or poor water conditions.
Can b e other thing too but this is the first that comes to mind.
To see if it is parasites, U will need to take a scrap and see what it order to treat it. That is if it is parasites.
Malachite green and formaline is a medication that helps in several cases of parasites...but I would not use it until U are sure which one it is or if it is. Your fish is better to be sure before treating.
The second possibility is nitrites or oxygen depletion.
Do U clean your filters regularly? What filtration are U using? U said U added new Koi...maybe the system is not able to handle so many koi?
Check your water parameters, buy a kit and report them here.
Check ammonia, nitrites, PH, KH and GH. All those parameters can affect the health of your Koi.
U need to do that as soon as possible, or you will lose more Koi.
Do U have sufficient aeration in your pond? It is hot now and I dont know at what level above sea U are...but oxygen is less soluble in warmer water.
Do U have green water in the pond? That can be a contributing factor.
As immediate solution I would suggest 50% water change...
Do U do weekly water changes? Do U use dechlorinator when doing that?
Please check all this as soon as possible so It is possible to see what the problem is.
Then We can advise from there...
Please do the tests before the water change.
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PostSubject: Re: Sick Koi - Help please Somerset West   Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:03 pm

I really advice you to get a koi dealer to come out and look.

If you do not know much about koi or water it is going to be dangerous to take advice from people and try and do it yourself. Rather get a expert out and if you can afford it let him do the treatment until you yourself have enough knowledge about keeping koi.

It sounds like you might have water problems or parasite problems, just like humans koi suffer from diseases and need treatments from time to time. There is no miracle bottle of something you can put in to cure them of all there problems - i have seen pet shops selling these miracle cures that work for all parasites and diseases.. The problem needs to be identified and then that problem needs to be treated that i why i suggest a koi dealer - he is like a docter.

Also remember that koi live in the water, if the water and filters are dirty or not looked after it is the same as a person living in a dirty house with a toilet that has not been flushed in months, diseases will break out.

Try Cape Koi Aqaurium, they are in joostenberg vlakte.
Do not try and explain to them what is happening, get them to come out. It will cost you a call out but its better than guessing what is wrong.
I am sure they will be able to help you but if you want to save some money and keep the koi healthy in the long run you will have to learn how to look after koi.

Maybe join SAKKS also know as KoiSA and subscribe to their magazine, that will teach you many things regarding koi and we have an active community in the cape.
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PostSubject: Re: Sick Koi - Help please Somerset West   

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Sick Koi - Help please Somerset West

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