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 Breeding Koi - Need assistance

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PostSubject: Breeding Koi - Need assistance   Breeding Koi - Need assistance Icon_minitimeSat Apr 23, 2011 1:40 am

So I've got a good collection of koi in my pond.

But over the fall/winter I purchased two larger females who I've been told are actually spawning females. One is a Hajiro and the other a golden benigoi, both butterfly, both about 5-6 years of age over 20 inches. I've been told they have produced many beautiful offspring before.

My two spawning females
(This video was taken the same day the larger Hajiro koi arrived, she was very stressed from her trip, but is better now)

I currently own about five smaller males between 16-18 inches. Ranging basic types (Showa, Shiro Utsuri, Hi Utsuri, Kohaku, and Tancho Showa). These males are very stunning.

Now in the past years random koi and goldfish spawned, but I could never track when or which ones. The koi ended up eating all the eggs before I could save them, and when I did a cleaning I managed to only find a few fry survivors. Those babies ended up either dying because of the filter, or just illness.


This year I hope to be prepared. I have a giant stock tank, with a gentle and safe filtration system for any tiny fry. But what can I do to track my females when they are about to produce eggs? And what should I do to save the females' eggs when she lays them. Also I need to make sure the males fertilize the eggs without eating them. And also save the fry and get them somewhere safe.

I really want to start learning to be a breeder. I hope in a few years when my three shiro utsuris are of age I can start producing just that type.
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Breeding Koi - Need assistance

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